Carved figures of wood.

The Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, made the history about Emil from Lönneberg, who carved more than 100 wooden men.

I you have a Picture of a Figure, you can you can send it to me and I put it into the page and extracts a Swedish children knife among those who sent a knive komp



træmændDanish children’s Work, from an exhibition about Astrid Lindgren.





Five figures Fa, Fe, Fi, Fo and Fu.
Made by Sinika Hottenroth from Stuttgart.






Figures made of 11 year old children, in a Waldorf school.



kåre træ dame


Made by Kåre Ravnskov – Olive tree






tyske snittede figurerFigures made bý children







Chess game made by Emilie Vistisen





From Emils carvingplace, Astid Lindgrens World Sweden.





emil 2From Emils carvingplace, Astid Lindgrens World Sweden.





Emils song about carving and his carving place, from the the film about Emil from Lönneberg.

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