to knive kompClassic Swedish moraknife, good knife to children.

Blades in stainless steel quality, double finger stop, fine light leather sheath.

Available in two sizes. The blades can be purchased with normal tip or round tip.



stor spids kompThe classic knife, as many Swedes have had as child. Length 190 mm, blade 90 mm. Price £14.60, $21,50 Shop



lille spids kompSmall quality knife for the youngest children. Length 140 mm, blade 65 mm. Price £14, $20 Shop


productMora 120.

Very good Swedish carving knife for children and adults. I use this knife. The blade 60 mm. Wooden handle plastic sheath. price £16.30, $24. Shop




50 mm knife blade. Suitable as carving knife for younger children. wooden handle, knife blade in stainless steel, brown sheath of leather. Price £14.60, $24 Shop

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